About me


I have been an avid bowler since I was 2 years old. While growing up, I always loved when my parents would give me a dollar and I could go to the arcade section of a local department store. There, I would find my favorite game...a Ball Bowler. 

As I grew older, I dreamed of having a personal bowling lane in my home. Unfortunately, I was never able to have one because I did not have the room. While I LOVED the Ball Bowler games of my youth, I wanted something more like full size bowling. 

Finally, one day I decided to build my own mini-bowling lane with free fall pins. I knew I needed a pinsetter, as I did not want to walk back and forth to set pins. I put my electro-mechanical skills acquired from being a past head mechanic on both AMF and Brunswick pinsetters and working in a large corporation in their Research and Development area to use. 

After nearly 4 years, the PK2 was completed. I designed it with the intention of being able to have the lane section resemble the look and feel of the old Ball Bowlers that I remember. I could not be happier to finally have my dream bowling lane in my basement.

Because so many people have seen my  lane (from videos and in person) and said "I want one!!" ...I have decided to manufacture these so that others can enjoy them also.

- Phil Kaiser 

Located in Upstate NY - (585) 733-8788