The ONLY home mini bowling game there is - With No Strings Attached!!


True Free Fall Bowling Pin Action

Fun For the Whole Family!

Please see us at the Chicagoland antique show Nov. 16 - 18.

We will be in booths F25 - F27.

Stop down and try out our NEW production ball bowler.

You have always wanted a bowling lane in your house...

 But you didn't have the room needed for it. Now, you can have true bowling action in a fraction of the space. 

Small in size but HUGE in fun!

 Our pins and balls are half the size of the big guys. This size makes it easy for anyone to bowl and have a great time. 

Custom built for you

 Each Ball Bowler is custom built by hand to your requirements. This is not an "off the shelf" arcade game you can get anywhere. 

Featuring the PK2 automatic pinsetter

The PK2 has been engineered with minimal parts for reliable operation and ease of maintenance. It's specifically designed for home use and is powered from a standard home outlet.  

Built in Operator Interface

 The PK2 has a built in Operator Interface to make communication with the pinsetter easy. This interface allows you to perform simple routine operations when needed. 

Troubleshooting is a breeze!

On those rare occasions when something does go wrong, the operator's panel not only alerts you if there is an issue, but it walks you through how to easily correct it. 


Contact Us

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

(585) 733-8788